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Powder Pumps Supplier DEFU Jul 23 , 2022

DEFU Powder Pumps were specifically designed to move bulk solids more effectively throughout your process. They are a cost effective replacement for Augers and Conveyors and eliminate unsafe and labor intensive means of moving bulk powders. These Powder pumps consistently transfer fine-grained (less than 75 microns), low bulk density (less than 880 kg/m³), dry powders in a dust-free operation.

Pneumatic powder transfer pump features

DEFU's pneumatic powder conveying systems deliver and handle dry-process powders quickly and cleanlyat a fraction of the cost of associated conventional installed "systems".


It is suitable for conveying ultra-fine, light and dry powders. It is required that the particle size of the powder is less than 75 microns, the bulk density is less than 880 kg/m³, and the powder is dry and has good fluidity.

Parameter Description

The fluidity, particle size and dispersibility of powders vary greatly. The capacity and delivery head of the powder pump mainly depend on the type, particle size, dispersibility, fluidity, etc. of the powder. In addition, the pipeline installation method, supporting auxiliary equipment and other factors have an impact. Therefore, we can only use semi-qualitative and semi-quantitative methods and learn from past experience to estimate.

The following table is the data obtained by our company on nearly 100 kinds of powders testing and the actual measurement of customers on site, for customers' reference.

More application, pls feel free to contact with Cindy(sales9@defupump.com). We gladly provide technical assistance to you.

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