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DEFU 1inch Aluminum diaphragm pump for glue transfer Jun 07

Air Diaphragm Pump are used in different facilities and in a variety of different industries. From petrochemical to food and beverage, these pumps are popular and versatile. Their unique design is ideal for transferring highly abrasive or viscous products.


We received an inquiry from the Philippines customer, the liquid is glue, the viscosity is 3000cps, the temperature is 20℃, required flow rate is 40L/min, According theses situation, we chose our 1inch Aluminum double diaphragm pump with Teflon diaphragm to her. in fact our 1/2inch diaphragm pump Max. Flow rate is 57L/Min, but the pump flow rate will be effected by the liquid’s viscosity. After considering that we chose the one size larger AODD pump to her. And sent the quotation to her within 5mins, Customer are very interested in us because of our fast responds and our professional suggestions..


After several days, customer sent us an PO, quantity is 6sets,  Model: AOK25AL-AL-TF-TF-TF.


After receiving payment, we finished the order within 3days. Below are the goods information for your reference.




Our Aluminum double diaphragm pump has below advantages:


  1.  Sturdy & Leak-proof Construction: The diaphragm pump housing adopt aluminum alloy material, smooth surface and good appearance. four bolts connection design good seal, good dry suction and sturdy.
  2. Wide Applications: This diaphragm pump can handle various fluids, such as waste oil, alcohol, hydraulic fluid, gasoline, diesel, detergent, drink, and so on. It is widely used in many industries, such as petroleum, metallurgy, mining, coating, printing, water treatment, and automobile.


Pump Technical Parameters

Pump Main Parameters

Name: 1inch Aluminum Diaphragm pump

Pump type: Air Operated Diaphragm Pump


Inlet*outlet size: 25mm*25mm

Dry Priming: 4m   Wet Priming:8m

Max Flow Rate: 157L/min

Max Head: 84m

Max Suction lift: 8m

Air pressure: 8.4bar  Air inlet size: 1/2inch

Max particle diameter: 4mm

Pump Material

Center Block Material: Aluminum(AL)

Pump body Material:Aluminum(AL)

Diaphragm Material: Teflon(TF)

Ball Material: Teflon(TF)

Ball seat Material: Teflon(TF)

Gross Weight:11.5kgs

Carton size:32*24*42cm

Customer’s requirements

1.Temperature is 20℃

2.The liquid is glue, 3000cps

3. Required flow rate is 40L/min




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