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Why Use a Diaphragm Pump? Oct 29 , 2021

Diaphragm pumps are popular in industrial area , can pump various fluids drastically, whether corrosive, volatile, flammable, poisonous liquid even fluids with particles and high viscosity. They have a long history of use in water and waste water treatment and can also be found in filter press, oil ink, painting and ship building etc.

Advantage of DEFU Air Diaphragm Pump

Convenient Maintenance

Unique Patented Air Valve

Parts That Are Precisely Fit

Solids External Structure

Compatibility of Fluid

Good Self Priming Function

Can Achieve High Pressure

It is of great importance to correctly use materials , such as diaphragm, valve balls, valve seats and pump body both need to the suitable materials base on your pumping liquid.

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