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5 Advantages of DEFU pneumatic diaphragm pump Aug 28 , 2023

DEFU air operated double diaphragm pumps (AODD pumps) are designed for general fluid transfer. Our diaphragm pumps reliably transfer a wide variety of fluids, from clean, light viscosity to medium viscosity. They can pump large particles without damage. Plastic diaphragm pump casings can easily handle corrosive and abrasive fluids.


5 Advantages of DEFU pneumatic diaphragm pump:


1. Oil-free lubrication, 100% does not crash.

2. The unique patented design of the air valve (external maintenance air valve system) is repaired from the outside of the pump body, reducing downtime and improving efficiency.


Air valve of aluminum center block

a.  Stainless steel valve plate adopt surface grinding process, low coefficient of friction.

b.  Plastic parts material to be improved acetal material, excellent wearing resistance. Good self-lubricating.

c . These parts can ensure the air valve operating smooth, reduce the air consumption



Air valve of PP center block

a.  Modular design, simple structure. Few moving parts, easily maintain.

b.  Plastic parts material to be improved acetal material, excellent wearing resistance. Good self-lubricating.

c.  The whole air valve can directly diassemble from the pump. Repair the air vlave, no need to open the pump.


3. The patented air valve design ensures the minimum energy consumption of air volume and extremely low leakage of compressed air. There is no such phenomenon as other brands of pneumatic diaphragm pumps with poor starting and freezing of air valves.

4. Excellent overall sealing performance. The fastening design of the wetted parts of all models of DEFU pneumatic diaphragm pump adopts bolt and nut connection to ensure long-term operation without leakage.

5.Passed ISO9001 quality system certification, CE certification. Our Diaphragm pumps are similar as USA GRACO diaphragm pumps which can be interchanged with same performance.


Any needs,Pls contact with Ms Cindy (sales9@defupump.com), we will contact with you in short time.

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