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Advantage of Aluminum Alloy Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump | aodepump.com Mar 09 , 2023

Many of the previous diaphragm pumps are made of metal, not only bulky, but also difficult to maintain, although the current aluminum alloy diaphragm pump is also made of metal, but light weight, high strength. The Aluminum Alloy Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump has some advantages , now to share some related knowledge with you.


Aluminum alloy diaphragm pump is a new type of conveying machinery, which is currently the most novel pump in China. Using compressed air as the power source, all kinds of corrosive liquids, liquids with particles, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, highly toxic liquids, can be sucked out.


The main feature of aluminum alloy diaphragm pump is that it does not need to be filled with water, not only can pump the flowing liquid, but also can transport some easy-to-flow media(liquid viscosity less then 10000cps), high suction lift, explosion-proof.



1. The flow is large, the passing performance is good, and the maximum particle diameter is allowed to pass up to 9.4mm (3inch diaphragm pump). When pumping slurry and impurities, there is little wear on the pump.


2. The head and flow rate can be steplessly adjusted by the opening of the valve.


3.Excellent overall sealing performance. The fastening design of the wetted parts of all models of  pneumatic diaphragm pump adopts bolt and nut connection to ensure long-term operation without leakage.


4. Even if the aluminum alloy diaphragm pump is not damaged due to unexpected circumstances and runs without media for a long time or stops suddenly. In case of overload, the pump automatically shuts down and has self-protection performance. When the load returns to normal, it can automatically start running.


5. Simple structure, few wearing parts, easy to install and maintain, the medium transported by the aluminum alloy diaphragm pump will not contact the air valve, diaphragm rod and other moving parts, unlike other types of pumps due to the wear of rotors, pistons, gears, blades and other components and gradually reduce performance.


6.The aluminum alloy diaphragm pump does not need to be lubricated with oil, even if it is idling. It also has no effect on the pump, which is the biggest feature of this pump.


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