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The Role of Diaphragm Pumps in the Oil industry Oct 28 , 2023

We will receive some diaphragm pump inquiries , the application is for diesel and oil. So today we want to share the Role of Diaphragm Pumps in the Oil Industry.


Oil industry requires high safety standards due to the numerous risks: operators work every day with highly flammable chemicals or are faced with the threat of a well with excessive pressure that can lead to a sudden explosion. Furthermore, the plants are often located in difficult-to-access positions that make the installation and transport of equipment very complex to manage.


Air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps are one of the most critical equipment to the industry. Oil workers count on AODD pumps to not only keep their production moving smoothly, but also to keep them safe.


Double diaphragm pumps used in the oil industry favor the increase in plant performance and energy efficiency while optimizing the production process. Furthermore, the construction and design characteristics of diaphragm pumps perfectly adhere to the rigid safety protocols required by the sector. All these factors contribute to lower energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs, increased operational safety and increased productivity.Specifically, the advantages of AODD technology in the oil industry are the following:


1. Double diaphragm pumps are an ideal solution for handling high density fluids. The versatility of the construction materials allows the handling of corrosive fluids and abrasive products. The AODD technology works reliably and is capable of handling highly volatile hydrocarbons, viscous fluids and aggressive liquids mixed with solid particles.


2.AODD pumps by their nature do not use electricity and are fully groundable. This is important because groundable equipment prevents static discharge from igniting a combustible environment.


3. Diaphragm pumps have completely sealed product chambers, thanks to the special profile of the membranes, in this way AODD pumps are considered a very safe technology for pumping a wide range of liquids, including some of the most dangerous chemicals.


4.Safely and easily transported, double diaphragm pumps are made for tough environments. The dimensional characteristics of the diaphragm pumps allow to manage the pump transport in a simple and immediate way without the need for expensive installation and handling operations, they can be thrown in the back of a truck and taken from one site to another.


For more oil application information, please contact with Cindy(sales9@defupump.com) directly.

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