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Where Can DEFU Diaphragm Pumps Be Used? Apr 24 , 2022

The pneumatic double diaphragm pump is a versatile workhorse that enables users across a hugely diverse range of industries to standardise on a single pump type that for handling a wide variety of fluids. So long as there is a compressed air supply available the pump can be installed wherever it is required and should circumstances change it can be moved round a plant and switched to other operations with ease. Whether to fluid being handled requires a gentle pumping action, is chemically or physically aggressive the positive displacement AODD pump offers an efficient and low maintenance solution.

The air membrane pumps are a common site in many industries. There is an extensive number of construction materials available to produce a bewildering number of configurations to accommodate difficult fluids such as 

1.Corrosive chemical

2.Volatile solvents 

3.Viscous, sticky fluids

4.Shear-sensitive foodstuffs and Pharmaceutical product

5.Dirty water and abrasive slurry

6.Smaller solids

7.Creams, gels and oils




We have PVDF,Stainless steel (SS304 & SS316), Aluminum Alloy, Plastic pump body. The diaphragm material have Teflon, Santoprene, Hytrel, Viton. Please contact with DEFU diaphragm Pump and get application which suitable for you! 

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