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What is DEFU Diaphragm Pump Advantages May 07 , 2022

The DEFU AODD diaphragm pumps are an excellent choice for applications found in a variety of industries, such as food, chemical, and general industry. Their unique design allows them to transfer highly abrasive or viscous products, semi-solid, and shear sensitive materials. They're best known for ease of maintenance and replacement, self-priming ability, seal-less design, and their ability to "run dry" without causing damage to the pump.  

What else makes the air diaphragm pump so versatile? They're manufactured in a variety of pump materials, including cast iron, stainless steel(304&316), Aluminum alloys, and various diaphragm and valve making them ideal for just about any market.

Membrane Pump Best Applications

Below is a short list of the best applications for this pump:

1.Chemical or hazardous liquid transfer

2.Abrasive or viscous product transfer

3.Portable spill clean-up applications

4.Explosion-proof environments if properly grounded

Below is our diaphragm pump for high viscosity liquid.

It's obvious that AODD pumps could be a great solution for just about any application. If you need help selecting the right diaphragm pump for your application, ask us about it! We gladly provide technical assistance to you.

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