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What are the main applications for AODD pumps Apr 03 , 2023

Motor-driven diaphragm pumps are often used for metering, dosing or dispensing applications but AODD pumps tend to be general workhorse devices, typically used in transfer applications.

Air operated diaphragm pumps are ideal for transferring a huge range of liquids including diesel, fuel, water as well as dirty and used oils. Great for many applications including tapping into air lines around work shops to move motor oils and hydraulic oils. The twin diaphragm design allows for periods of pump dead heading as well as transfer of fluids with particulate matter up to a few mm in size.

They are relatively low cost and reliable; they can be run dry and can pump dirty/contaminated liquids.

The following lists some typical applications of air diaphragm pumps:

(Can operate in classified/hazardous areas) 

-Dewatering above and below ground sites and quarries -Transferring abrasive slurries and sludge mixtures
-Dosing reagents -Transferring solvents for separating minerals from ore
-Transferring fuels for vehicles and equipment  



(Can pump low to very viscous solutions, and capable of low shear / gentle fluid transfer)

-Transferring, dispensing and dosing paint, ink and dyes -Feed pump for spray guns
-Flush/clean paint lines with solvents  



-Loading and unloading tankers, totes and barrels -Portable utility pump
-Batching/dosing chemicals  


Pulp and Paper

-Printing inks -Glues
-Kaolin clay -Bulk transfer


Oil and Gas
(Can operate in classified/hazardous areas)

-Settling pond transfer -Oils and glycol transfer
-Sumps -Filter press
-Bulk transfer  


Water / Waste Water Treatment

-Transferring solid laden media -Filter press
-Sumps -Utility pump



Please contact with DEFU diaphragm transfer pump and get application which suitable for you!

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