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DEFU AOK10 Plastic diaphragm pump exoprt to Denmark Jul 20

One of our Denmark customer inquiry about our Air diaphragm pump, the liquid is 30% HCl for the rehabilitation of water wells, Temperature is 10-20℃. 30% HCl is close to concentrated hydrochloric acid, which is highly corrosive.


We choose our plastic diaphragm pump with Teflon diaphragm to our customer, its can handle many chemicals. It’s also called chemical diaphragm pump. It’s feature with strong acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.


What’s more, our air membrane pump are available in leak-free bolted designs to ensure the chemical being pumped is contained safely. According to HCl characteristic, Customer also purchase 4sets of wearing parts together with the pumps. Below are our AOK10PP-PP-TF-TF-TF parameters.  

Pump Technical Parameters

Pump Main Parameters

Name: Plastic Diaphragm pump

Pump type: Air Operated Diaphragm Pump


Inlet*outlet size: 10mm*10mm

Dry Priming:2.1m   Wet Priming:3.7-6.4m

Max Flow Rate: 27L/min

Max Head: 70m

Max Suction lift: 3.7-6.4m

Air pressure: 7bar  Air inlet size: 1/4inch

Max particle diameter: 1.6mm

Pump Material

Center Block Material: Plastic(PP)

Pump body Material: Plastic(PP)

Diaphragm Material: Teflon(TF)

Ball Material: Teflon(TF)

Ball seat Material: Teflon(TF)

Customer’s requirements

1.Medium with 10℃-20℃

2.the liquid is 30% HCl for the rehabilitation of water wells

3.Small flow rate
4. With wearing parts(such as diaphragm, valve ball, valve seat)


DEFU Plastic Pump and Parts Features

1. PP pump in PP-H material, wearing resistance, chemical resistance much better than others.

2. The pump with PP center block, be full plastic pump, excellent chemical resistance.

3. Four bolts connection design, good seal and good dry suction.

4. PP and PVDF pump size from 1/4" to 3".

5. The bolts of plastic pump are of Stainless steel 304.

6. Three section manifold, Flexible installation. Also can change to be 4 ports pump.

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