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Air Operated Diaphragm Pump common faults and troubleshooting methods Oct 29

In the process of daily use of diaphragm pump, there will inevitably be some failures. If you want to ensure that the equipment has good application effect, to avoid failures, it is necessary to know how to repair some failures. If a similar problem occurs, a simple fix can restore the application of the device.

Eg1: diaphragm pump does not operate or is operating slowly

Elimination method:

Check whether there are impurities in the filter screen or air filter device at the air inlet.

Check whether the air valve is stuck, clean the air valve with cleaning liquid.

Check whether the air valve wear, if necessary to replace the new parts.

Check the sealing parts of the intermediate, if serious wear, can not achieve the sealing effect, and because of its special structure, the air will be discharged from the air outlet end.

Check whether the piston activity in the air valve is normal.

Check whether the valve ball is stuck. If the operating liquid is incompatible with the elastic body of the pump, the elastic body will expand, please replace the elastic body of the appropriate material.

Check whether the joint of the pump inlet is completely locked and does not leak, especially the clamp near the valve ball at the inlet end should be locked.

Eg2: The air valve of the pump freezes

Elimination method:

Check whether the water content of compressed air is too high, and install an air dryer.

Eg3: There are bubbles at the outlet of the pump

Elimination method:

Check whether the diaphragm is cracked, check whether the clamp is locked, especially the inlet pipe clamp.

Eg4: The liquid flows out of the air outlet

Elimination method:

Check whether the diaphragm is broken, check whether the diaphragm and the inner and outer splint are clamped on the shaft, and the valve rattles.

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