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What precautions do you know about the use of pneumatic diaphragm pump? Oct 29

1. Ensure that the maximum solid particle diameter contained in the fluid does not exceed the standard of the maximum safe solid particle diameter of the pump.

2. The intake pressure should not exceed the maximum allowable pump pressure, when higher than the rated pressure compressed air may lead to personal injury and property loss and damage to the performance of the pump.

3. Ensure that the pump pressure pipeline system can bear the highest output pressure, and ensure the clean and normal working conditions of the driving gas path system.

4. Electrostatic spark may cause explosion resulting in casualties and property losses, according to the need to use a large enough cross-sectional area of the wire, the pump on the ground screw properly and reliably grounded.

5. Grounding requirements in accordance with local laws and legal requirements and some special requirements of the site.

6. Tighten the pump and the connection of the joint, to prevent the impact of vibration caused by electrostatic spark, the use of antistatic hose.

7. To periodically check and test the reliability of the grounding system, ensure that the grounding resistance is less than 100 ohms.

8. Keep good exhaust and ventilation, away from flammable, explosive and heat source.

9. The exhaust of the pump may contain solid objects, do not put the exhaust port to the working area or people, so as not to cause personal injury.

10. When the diaphragm fails, the conveying material will be ejected from the exhaust muffler.

11. When transporting flammable and toxic fluids, connect the outlet to a safe place away from the work area.

12. Please connect air inlet with at least 1/2" smooth inner wall pipe.

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