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  • Why Use a Diaphragm Pump? Oct 29 , 2021
    Diaphragm pumps are popular in industrial area , can pump various fluids drastically, whether corrosive, volatile, flammable, poisonous liquid even fluids with particles and high viscosity. They have a long history of use in water and waste water treatment and can also be found in filter press, oil ink, painting and ship building etc. Advantage of DEFU Air Diaphragm Pump Convenient Maintenance Unique Patented Air Valve Parts That Are Precisely Fit Solids External Structure Compatibility of Fluid Good Self Priming Function Can Achieve High Pressure It is of great importance to correctly use materials , such as diaphragm, valve balls, valve seats and pump body both need to the suitable materials base on your pumping liquid.
  • DEFU Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps' Diaphragms Mar 26 , 2022
    Pneumatic diaphragm pumps are used widely in the national economy. A “weak” component of such air operated diaphragm pump is the diaphragm, upon which depends the duration of continuous operation of the pump. The service life of the diaphragm depends on the design and materials of the diaphragm, temperature, and corrosiveness of the pumped medium. Our double diaphragm pump with Longer life time Diaphragm. Material: Hytrel from Dupont, Santoprene from Exxon, PTFE from Dakin and Saint-Gobain etc. Design: Increase the height of the diaphragm's arch portion, ensure to reduce the force to the diaphragm edge portation and avoid the diaphragms been pull out. Center place with O-ring design, enhance seal performance. DEFU Diaphragm Material And Operating Temperature Limitation DEFU is the main and professional diaphragm pump manufacturer in China. Our company have CE and ISO9001 certificate. Any inquiry, pls feel free to contact with Ms Cindy, Ema...
  • The Working Principle Of A Diaphragm Pump/AODD PUMP Apr 15 , 2022
    A double diaphragm(AODD Pump) is a positive displacement pump which utilises two flexible diaphragms that reciprocate back and forth, creating a temporary chamber. The flexible diaphragms both draws in and expels fluid through the pump. The diaphragms work as a separation wall between the air and the liquid. The first stroke The two diaphragms that are connected by a shaft through the centre section where the air valve is located. The purpose of the air valve is to direct the compressed air to the back of diaphragm number one causing it to move away from the centre section. The number one diaphragm causes a press stroke moving liquid out of the pump. At the same time diaphragm number two is performing a suction stroke. The air behind diaphragm number two is being pushed out to the atmosphere causing atmospheric pressure to push the liquid to the suction side. The suction ball valve is pushed away off its seat allowing the fluid to flow past the ball valve into the liquid cham...
  • Where Can DEFU Diaphragm Pumps Be Used? Apr 24 , 2022
    The pneumatic double diaphragm pump is a versatile workhorse that enables users across a hugely diverse range of industries to standardise on a single pump type that for handling a wide variety of fluids. So long as there is a compressed air supply available the pump can be installed wherever it is required and should circumstances change it can be moved round a plant and switched to other operations with ease. Whether to fluid being handled requires a gentle pumping action, is chemically or physically aggressive the positive displacement AODD pump offers an efficient and low maintenance solution. The air membrane pumps are a common site in many industries. There is an extensive number of construction materials available to produce a bewildering number of configurations to accommodate difficult fluids such as  1.Corrosive chemical 2.Volatile solvents  3.Viscous, sticky fluids 4.Shear-sensitive foodstuffs and Pharmaceutical product 5.Dirty water and abrasive slu...
  • What is DEFU Diaphragm Pump Advantages May 07 , 2022
    The DEFU AODD diaphragm pumps are an excellent choice for applications found in a variety of industries, such as food, chemical, and general industry. Their unique design allows them to transfer highly abrasive or viscous products, semi-solid, and shear sensitive materials. They're best known for ease of maintenance and replacement, self-priming ability, seal-less design, and their ability to "run dry" without causing damage to the pump.   What else makes the air diaphragm pump so versatile? They're manufactured in a variety of pump materials, including cast iron, stainless steel(304&316), Aluminum alloys, and various diaphragm and valve making them ideal for just about any market. Membrane Pump Best Applications Below is a short list of the best applications for this pump: 1.Chemical or hazardous liquid transfer 2.Abrasive or viscous product transfer 3.Portable spill clean-up applications 4.Explosion-proof environments if properly grounded Below is our diaphragm pum...
  • Stainless Steel Diaphragm pump from DEFU May 16 , 2022
    Diaphragm Self Priming Pump are a common site in many industries. The stainless steel diaphragm pumps an excellent choice for food industry and high chemical resistance liquids. There are stainless steel 304&316. We adopt precision casting, the surface is smooth and higher strength.   Stainless steel 304 /316 diaphragm pump size from 1/2" to 3", the Max. Flow rate is 1060L/min. Pump can supply with aluminum center block or PP center block. Dry running ability: Pumps can be‘Run Dry’ without damaging the internals of the pump. Self-priming: AODD Pumps are self-priming–Dry suction lifts of 4m and wet suction lifts of 8m are common. Four bolts connection design, good seal and good dry suction. The bolts material are SS304。   Also we have Quickly Coupling for optional.     Any needs, pls feel free to contact with Cindy(sales9@defupump.com). We gladly provide technical assistance to you. 
  • Air Driven Diaphragm Pump For Oil Jul 08 , 2022
    DEFU is a professional diaphragm pump supplier in China. An Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump is a Positive Displacement Pump. Diaphragm pumps are categorized under the most common types of industrial pumps. It makes use of the so-called positive displacement method in order to move a liquid from one location to another. A diaphragm pump is capable of handling highly-viscous liquids and other materials such as abrasives, chemicals, concrete, effluents. What’s more, Double diaphragm pump is driven by air, it’s pneumatic motor. they could be used in potentially explosive areas. So it’s can transfer gasoline or diesel fuel. we also call it as oil pump and drum pump. Below are our air driven diaphragm oil pumps with different specification. Pump body material is Aluminum, Diaphragm is Teflon.                                                   &...
  • Powder Pumps Supplier DEFU Jul 23 , 2022
    DEFU Powder Pumps were specifically designed to move bulk solids more effectively throughout your process. They are a cost effective replacement for Augers and Conveyors and eliminate unsafe and labor intensive means of moving bulk powders. These Powder pumps consistently transfer fine-grained (less than 75 microns), low bulk density (less than 880 kg/m³), dry powders in a dust-free operation. Pneumatic powder transfer pump features DEFU's pneumatic powder conveying systems deliver and handle dry-process powders quickly and cleanly, at a fraction of the cost of associated conventional installed "systems". Application It is suitable for conveying ultra-fine, light and dry powders. It is required that the particle size of the powder is less than 75 microns, the bulk density is less than 880 kg/m³, and the powder is dry and has good fluidity. Parameter Description The fluidity, particle size and dispersibility of powders vary greatly. The capacity and delivery head&nbs...
  • Double Diaphragm Pump Used As Drum Pump Sep 23 , 2022
    Pumps are pieces of equipment or machinery designed to move slurries, liquids or gases. There are a lot of different types of pumps available and different pumps work in different ways. Our double diaphragm pump is reciprocating type, driven by air. Diaphragm pumps are categorized under the most common types of industrial pumps. It makes use of the so-called positive displacement method in order to move a liquid from one location to another. The diaphragm pump can be used as drum pump, put the suction pipe into a drum or barrel. The operation is easy. The air diaphragm pump has the function of self priming without rotating parts. It can achieve dry priming and wet priming, which self-priming height is 5m and 8m respectively. Below is a schematic diagram of the installation of the pump.                     If you are in need of this high viscosity diaphragm pump, pls contact with Ms Cindy(sales9@defupump.com) freely. We will in...
  • The Diaphragm pump is the right choice for the chemical transfer Oct 31 , 2022
    AODD pumps are one of the safest and most effective options on the market today, making them the optimal choice for handling many chemicals. It’s also called Chemical diaphragm pump. Chemical transfer can refer to a lot of things. That's because when you talk about "chemicals," you can be referring to everything from household staples, like hydrogen peroxide and calcium chloride, to toxic substances, like arsenic and formaldehyde. Known for their versatility and ability to withstand the harshest environments and applications, air diaphragm pumps are considered by many to be the best choice for chemical transfer applications. When it comes to pumping chemicals, materials widely used in pumps for chemical transfer include polypropylene (fitted with PTFE or Santoprene diaphragms. Santoprene is very popular because of its excellent chemical resistance, flex life, abrasion resistance and low cost. Stainless steel units are a great choice because they work well in outside con...
    Self Priming Diaphragm Pumps are positive displacement pumps commonly used in wet commercial pumping applications. Air diaphragm pumps run on compressed air and there are ideal for chemical transfer.  Below are the reasons of AODD Pumps are perfect for chemical transfer.  1. SAFE, LEAK-FREE BOLTED CONSTRUCTION AODD pumps are available in leak-free bolted designs to ensure the chemical being pumped is contained safely. 2. DO NOT GENERATE HEAT AODD pumps don't generate heat, which further reduces the potential of a safety hazard occurring. 3. NO ELECTRICITY REQUIRED AODD pumps require no electricity and can be grounded for safe, reliable operation in explosive environments. This is critical for safety when pumping flammable liquids or when a pump is in an environment in which fumes are present. 4. RUN-DRY CAPABILITY AODD pumps will not be damaged by running dry, which is very common in chemical sumps, tanker unloading or tank over applications. Other types of pumps ca...
  • Advantages of DEFU Diaphragm Pump Dec 11 , 2022
    DEFU AOK series diaphragm pumps are same as USA GRACO diaphragm pump which can be interchanged with same performance, with high quality. Our air operated double diaphragm pumps (AODD) have many benefits over other pump technologies: l Simple installation l Easy to operate and run l Portable l Self-priming l Submersible l Dry running l Can pump dirty liquids or liquids with particles l Abrasive liquid handling l Viscous fluid pumping l Can pump shear sensitive liquids l Affordable compared to other positive displacement technologies l Low maintenance and running cost DEFU AOK Series design also incorporates its own additional unique features including a lubrication-free, non-stalling air valve, ideal for numerous applications and environments. The air valve contains very few components compared to other air valves in the market, reducing servicing time, maintenance costs and downtime. TYPICAL INDUSTRIES...
  • Diaphragm Pump Specification | aodepump.com Mar 06 , 2023
    DEFU company is a professional diaphragm pump manufacturer. Our double diaphragm pump adopts guided air valve, with features of stable operation, idling operation, explosion-proof safety, good corrosion resistance.  Our AOK Series AODD pump has  the same performance with the USA GRACO diaphragm pump. And there are multi-material and multi-specification available. Below are our Diaphragm pump Specification for your choosing. Pls feel free to contact with Ms Cindy(sales9@defupump.com) for more details.
  • Advantage of Aluminum Alloy Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump | aodepump.com Mar 09 , 2023
    Many of the previous diaphragm pumps are made of metal, not only bulky, but also difficult to maintain, although the current aluminum alloy diaphragm pump is also made of metal, but light weight, high strength. The Aluminum Alloy Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump has some advantages , now to share some related knowledge with you.   Aluminum alloy diaphragm pump is a new type of conveying machinery, which is currently the most novel pump in China. Using compressed air as the power source, all kinds of corrosive liquids, liquids with particles, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, highly toxic liquids, can be sucked out.   The main feature of aluminum alloy diaphragm pump is that it does not need to be filled with water, not only can pump the flowing liquid, but also can transport some easy-to-flow media(liquid viscosity less then 10000cps), high suction lift, explosion-proof.            1. The flow is large, the passing performance is good, ...
  • DEFU Plastic Diaphragm Pump Advantages and Applications Mar 18 , 2023
    DEFU is a professional factory of Pneumatic diaphragm pumps in China. if you are in the market for a reliable and efficient pumping solution, look no further than plastic diaphragm pumps. These pumps are designed to handle a wide variety of fluids including corrosive, abrasive or viscous liquids. In this blog, we take a closer look at the advantages of plastic diaphragm pumps, and their applications in various industries.   Advantages of Plastic Diaphragm Pumps One of the greatest advantages of plastic diaphragm pumps is their durability. They are made of high-quality materials that are resistant to chemicals, rust and abrasion. This means they can handle even the toughest operating conditions and continue to operate reliably for many years. Another advantage of plastic diaphragm pumps is their versatility. They can handle a wide variety of fluids with varying viscosities, temperatures and chemistries. Plastic diaphragm pumps can also be configured with different ma...
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