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DEFU Stainless Steel 316 Diaphragm Pump Shipped to Russia Jan 12

This is a tend project, total quantity is 28units. According to customer’s requirements, we chose our Stainless Steel 316 diaphragm pump with Teflon diaphragm to our customer. Also according to customer site pipe, we made the special inlet & outlet to match with it.


                                                                              Pump Technical Parameters

Pump Main Parameters

Name: Stainless Steel 316 Diaphragm pump

Pump type: Air Operated Diaphragm Pump


Inlet*outlet size: 40mm*40mm

Dry Priming:5m   Wet Priming:8m

Max Flow Rate: 21.48m3/h (358L/min)

Max Head: 84m

Max Suction lift: 8m

Max passing solid: 5mm

Air pressure: 8.4bar  Air inlet size: 1/2inch

Max particle diameter: 5mm

Pump Material

Center Block Material: Plastic(PP)

Pump body Material: Stainless Steel 316(SS316)

Diaphragm Material: Teflon(TF)

Ball Material: Teflon(TF)

Ball seat Material: Teflon(TF)

Customer’s requirements

1.Medium with 10℃< t < 50℃

2. It is used for pumping liquids and solutions
containing solid inclusions with particle sizes not exceeding 1 mm.

3. technical vegetable oils, petroleum products, organo-soluble paint and varnish materials

4.Material of the flow part - Stainless steel

DEFU Stainless Steel Pump and Parts Features

1. High temperature wax casting. Smooth surface and good appearance.

2. Four bolts connection design, good seal and good dry suction.

3. Origin stainless steel color. Adopt pickling and electrolytic processing.

4. Stainless steel 304 /316 pump size from 1/2" to 3".

5. Pump can supply with aluminum center block or PP center block.

6. The bolts material is SS304.



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