AOK Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

AOK50 Flap Valve Aluminum Alloy Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

AOK50 high flow flap valve Air Operated Diaphragm Pump liquid flow is spacious and good through performance, It is a Large particle passing capacity diaphragm pump, It has a strong capacity for the passage of large solid particles. allowing passage of solid particles with a maximum particle diameter of 40 mm. This aluminum alloy flap valve air operated diaphragm pump is very popular in chemical industry. 

AOK50-AL Flap valve Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

Defu’s Flap valve Air Operated Diaphragm Pump is designed to support passage of solids up to 40mm in diameter. Designed for durability in the field. The ingenious air valve design can ensure a more stable and safer transportation process.

AOK50-AL Flap Valve Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Pictures
AOK50-AL Flap Valve Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Pictures


Mud water handling at mining/construction site

Waste water handling at sewage plant, livestock farm and food factory.

Wastewater handling at petrochemical plant 

The safe and reliable performance of AODD pumps has made them a top choice for the most severe applications. That’s because these double-diaphragm pumps offer advantages that are often unrivaled by other pumping technologies.

They don’t need electricity: AODD pumps are powered by compressed air or natural gas, allowing for application versatility.

They are portable: Pumps can be fitted to carts or dollies and moved easily.

They can handle solids: Pumps fitted with flap check valves can easily pass up to line-size solids.

They can be fully grounded: If a pump has ATEX designation, it can be fully grounded via a provided strap.

They can run dry: AODD pumps are capable of running dry without damage to critical components.

They can deadhead safely: AODD pumps do not generate heat or require a recirculation valve when faced with a closed discharge.



Flap valve design, excellent particle pass ability

Upper port inlet, bottom port outlet

No dynamic seal, dry running without damage

No Impeller, low shear

Mainfold port direction can adjustment

Excellent suction ability

Light weight design, flexible installation

Hot aluminum flap valve air pump AOK50:




Inlet/ Outlet size





Flow Rate






Head (m)


Suction Stroke (m)


Max. Particle Diameter (mm)


Max.Air Pressure (kg/cm²)


Max.Air Consumption (m³/min)


Material of flap valve air operated diaphragm pump

Pump body: AL (Aluminum)

Center block: PP (Polypropylene), AL (Aluminum)

Diaphragm: PTFE, Santoprene, Viton, etc.

Valve ball: PTFE, Santoprene, etc.

Valve seat: Polypropylene, Polyoxymethylene, PVDF, etc.

Performance Curve:

Performance Curve

Installation Size:

Installation Size

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